Wiring, Cabling and Network Installation

Do you need a LAN installed? Or in-house wiring to support your phone system? Or are you building a new home and need to prewire for LAN and Telephone connections? We can help with any and all of these. 

For your business, we will work with you to engineer your telco and network equipment room to ensure you have connectivity everywhere you may need it. Depending on the size of the job, we can also perform the installation, and testing to ensure all CAT5 and telco jacks are functioning properly before you hook up any of your systems. Or we can project manage the job, or sub-contract installation vendors if needed. 

Another option for your home OR business is wireless LAN networking. This is ideal in a situation where you may want to network 3 to 10 devices, and running new CAT5 cable would be challenging. Scalable products are available from many network connectivity hardware vendors. We can work with you to determine what hardware would be best for your application. 

New Construction - business or residential - we can pre-wire and trim all of your telephone and network terminals. We provide a terminal box generally near the electric fuse panel with a built in IP hub/switch. We would need to schedule our prewire installers for the time period after the plumbers and electricians complete their rough in (typically after the rough-in inspection) and prior to drywall installation. All terminals are installed with drywall rings to ensure proper fit and finish. Pull strings are installed alongside the prewire to simplify CaTV or Satellite coax cable installation at a later time. Each terminal will typically include two 8-conductor CAT5 cables - one for network, and the other for phone services. 

We also work closely with Cable Max Solutions for larger scale installations and telephone systems.

All of these options are subject to a bid based on the specifics of each job. Contact Us to arrange for a custom bid.

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