Reliability Planning and Recovery: 

Is your computer the lifeline of your business? Do you have a plan for how to recover your valuable data if your hard drive seizes up or if you experience fire or flood damage? What happens if you have a power failure? 

These are some of the realities of business that we all hope we will not experience. Wilson Technologies can help you answer these questions, and help your business plan ahead for these sorts of emergencies. 

We will come to your business and perform a reliability audit. Charges will vary based on the number of workstations and servers in your operation. We will provide a written report outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your system architecture, and outline a plan to improve reliability and recoverability. 

Wilson Technologies can also provide a backup service - we can come to your business on a weekly or monthly basis to perform a backup of your user data. Again, pricing will vary based on the size of your operation.   

If you do encounter an emergency or data loss, we can be there to help you recover from your backups. We have access to services that can sometimes recover data from damaged hard drives. We can coordinate these efforts for you, and you can be confident that your business data is safe.  

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